We Offer 24/7 Emergency Service

When your AC goes out in a heatwave or your furnace breaks down in an ice storm, you need emergency service fast! Rest assured and know that Hous Air HVAC Service is here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with live dispatchers, prompt service, and no charge for overtime, weekends, and holidays. It’s good to know Hous Air HVAC Service is always just a phone call away!

Do You Have Questions About Repair vs. Replacement?

If your AC or furnace is aging or suffering frequent breakdowns, the professionals at Hous Air HVAC Service can help you determine if repair or replacement is your best option. We can help you look at the financial aspect, including potential energy savings. We also help you understand the function and dependability you can expect from each option.

Service You Can Depend On

Hous Air HVAC Service wants you to stay comfortable and breathe clean air all year round. That’s why our company focuses on excellence in customer service and quality AC and heating services. We are proud of our reputation for putting clients first, with a brand synonymous with excellence since 2019. Wherever you see the name Hous Air HVAC Service, you can expect quality services and customer attention. There are a number of factors that set us apart. For example, our experience in this field is simply unmatched. We understand how to properly service all types of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our AC and heating technicians are licensed and knowledgeable. We emphasize customer service and always get the job done right the first time, guaranteed!

Our Values

Our Vision

To be so remarkable we become a beloved household name.

Our Purpose

To build a service community that enriches people’s lives by delivering amazing experiences.

Clean, Healthy Air

At Hous Air HVAC Service, we strive to keep the air in which we live and breathe comfortable and clean, so people live healthier, happier lives


Treating others as we would like to be treated.

Listening with the intent to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is said is important to the speaker.

Responding in a timely fashion.

Speaking calmly and respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm.

Acknowledging everyone as right from their own perspectiv


Making only agreements we are willing, able, and intend to keep.

Communicating any potentially broken agreements at the first appropriate opportunity to all parties concerned.

Looking to the system for correction and proposing all possible solutions if something is not working.

Operating in a responsible manner: “Above the line…”

Communicating honestly and with purpose.

Asking clarifying questions if we disagree or do not understand.

Never saying anything about anyone that we would not say to him or her.

Customer Focus

Continuously striving to maximize internal and external customer loyalty.

Making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customers' needs in every situation.

And Having Fun in the Process!

We’re Like EMTs for Your HVAC

At Hous Air HVAC Service®, we want to make sure you feel just right in your home or place of work, which is why we perform service and repair on all brands and types of heater and AC equipment. No matter what kind of heating or air conditioning equipment you have, our trained professionals can help you stay comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about some of the specific brands we install.