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Even the best commercial HVAC systems go on the fritz sometimes. When heating and cooling repairs are inevitable, count on the professionals at Hous Air HVAC Service®. Our team offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your commercial HVAC service needs.

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Commercial HVAC Services We Specialize In

Commercial service requires a different level of expertise than servicing residential heating and home cooling systems. Given the size of most commercial heating and cooling equipment, repairs tend to be far more complex than residential jobs.

There are more options for setup too—whether you need a single-zone or multi-zone system, Hous Air HVAC Service professionals can make installation a breeze. We’ll assess your setting and the unique demands of your business and make personalized recommendations. Searching for commercial HVAC services near me starts and ends with Hous Air HVAC Service! Some of our services include:

Commercial AC maintenance

Commercial AC repair

Commercial AC replacement

Commercial furnace maintenance

Commercial furnace repair

Commercial furnace replacement

Furnace Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

With a trusted commercial HVAC service on speed dial, you can rest easy knowing repairs are just a call away. HVAC equipment can be incredibly complicated. The failure of a single component can impact the rest of the system. Thankfully, Hous Air HVAC Service professionals have the knowledge and experience required to diagnose issues and restore your space to comfortable temperatures.

Perhaps you’re looking for commercial HVAC installation help. Hous Air HVAC Serviceoffers a variety of solutions for replacing your worn-out commercial furnace, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and geothermal heating solutions. We will help you determine the best option for efficiency, taking into consideration your geographic location and budget as well.

We can also ensure the safe, efficient operation of your system and any unexpected issues with professional repair, inspection, and routine furnace maintenance at least once a year—before the heating sea

Reliable, Professional, and High-Quality Commercial Heating & Cooling Service

Hous Air HVAC Service professionals work around the clock to take care of all your commercial HVAC installation needs. We charge by the job, not the hour – this ensures you’ll never see an overtime charge. By providing an upfront explanation of issues, as well as viable solutions, you’ll have all the information you need to make the right choice for your business.

Each member of our team is highly trained and highly experienced. No matter the task, trust Hous Air HVAC Service professionals to develop a comprehensive solution that leaves your space more comfortable than ever. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction—if something isn’t right the first time, we’ll come back and find the solution to your commercial HVAC issues.

Full-Service Air-Conditioning & Furnace Services

Many of the most common air conditioning issues can make an office environment uncomfortable for you and your colleagues. Our commercial HVAC contractors can quickly assess the problem and make comprehensive repairs that return your office to comfortable temperatures.

If you’re in the market for a new unit, we can help you determine the right option for your space. It’s important to consider your unique needs, including the number of units necessary and the best location for them on your site. Hous Air HVAC Service professionals will guide you through your choices, helping you to learn about AC maintenance. This allows you to keep equipment running as dependably and efficiently as possible for years to come.

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Make Hous Air HVAC Service your choice for all your commercial HVAC service needs. We service a wide range of brands and have the expertise and resources to meet your specific business’s heating and cooling needs. No matter your commercial HVAC requirements, count on Hous Air HVAC Service to deliver quality results every time.