Boiler Repair and Replacement

Commercial Boiler Repair and Replacement

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A boiler is an essential part of maintaining a comfortable environment for both employees and customers. When it fails, it can cause serious problems for your business. A malfunctioning boiler can decrease the comfort level of your space, increase utility bills, and even jeopardize the health and safety of your customers. That’s why it’s so important to take action at the first sign of trouble. Commercial boiler repair professionals from your local  Hous Air HVAC Service team can diagnose your commercial issue and provide a solution that works for your business.

Why Choose  Hous Air HVAC Service for Your Commercial Boiler Repair and Installation?

We understand that when your boiler shutdowns or is not working properly, it can have a significant impact on your business. This is why our highly trained, experienced, and motivated service professionals act quickly to repair your commercial boiler issue. Our team arrives well-equipped with the very best tools and techniques to get your boiler operating efficiently again. We work night and day to provide commercial boiler repair services when you need them most. And there are never any extra charges for overtime, weekends, or holidays. This commitment to customer service is what sets us apart from other HVAC service providers. No matter the challenge, you can count on  Hous Air HVAC Service for a swift, complete resolution to your commercial boiler problem.

Repairs and Installations for All Commercial Boilers

We are experienced and trained to service, repair, and install a wide range of boiler brands, makes, and models. If your boiler needs service, give us a call. We’ll assess the condition of your current boiler, provide repair recommendations, and review options for a commercial boiler installation if necessary. We can also set you up with a maintenance plan to ensure your system continues to operate safely and efficiently throughout the year.

Signs Your Commercial Boiler Needs Repairs or Replacement

Like many other systems you rely on to keep your business running smoothly, your commercial boiler requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Boilers tend to be pretty quiet—at least until something goes wrong. If you start to hear banging, whirring, or clunking noises, this may indicate that the fan or pump needs to be replaced. Gurgling and whittling noises may indicate that the water pressure in your boiler is too low.

Your boiler may also be kettling. This occurs when debris and salt get trapped inside the heat exchanger, causing water to steam and boil. A commercial boiler service appointment is typically required to fix this issue.

Foul smells may also warrant a commercial boiler repair appointment. Odd or bad odors from your boiler may be indicative of a carbon monoxide leak. Though carbon monoxide is odorless, a boiler that is failing to burn properly will produce a bad odor. Check the color of your boiler’s flame. An efficiently operating boiler produces a blue flame. A boiler that has a yellow flame may indicate you have a carbon monoxide leak. If this is the case, you must take immediate precautions for your safety, employees, and customers. First, evacuate everyone from the building, then call for repair help, as carbon monoxide can cause nausea, headaches, respiratory issues, and even fatalities.

Higher than normal heating bills, cold rooms, and water leaks are other red flags that your boiler requires service. Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need commercial boiler servicing is a lack of hot water. This can be disastrous in a commercial setting. In some cases, businesses without hot water may need to close for the day or more. Time is money, so it’s important to take action at the first sign of trouble.  Hous Air HVAC Service professionals can determine if your boiler needs and review the labor cost to repair a boiler, if needed.

Get a Free Estimate for a New Commercial Boiler Today

If you’re experiencing boiler issues in your commercial space, count on  Hous Air HVAC Service for a thorough diagnosis. Our commercial boiler services can help keep your boiler and your business running smoothly throughout the year. We can inspect your system and provide recommendations for repairs, maintenance, or installation. In cases where your system is due for replacement, our team can provide guidance on which new commercial boiler would be best for your needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online and get a free estimate for commercial boiler repair or replacement today!